Together, we can reduce plastic pollution.

There are many reasons to avoid the usage of single-use plastics. They are made from fossil fuels, leave a huge carbon footprint, don’t decompose and will be around for hundreds of years and only a small percentage is recycled. Moreover, all single-use plastic non-recyclables end up in landfill or oceans leaching toxins and chemicals, killing marine animals and birds and subsequently also entering our food chain.

Why choose ORGANIC WRAP?

Natural & breathable ingredients

Both, beeswax food wraps and bags, are made from 100% natural and breathable ingredients - Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certified cotton, beeswax from local Latvian meadows (naturally antibacterial, antiseptic and water resistant), organic coconut oil and tree resin.

Fresh food for longer

All the properties of our specially selected ingredients benefit to longer food storage. Unlike regular plastic wraps, beeswax naturally prevents the occurrence of unwanted bacteria, preserves natural food moisture and avoids food dry out.


Our beeswax food wraps and bags are reusable and last up to 1 year depending on the frequency of usage. Simply wash it in cool water after use with or without mild dish soap, let it dry and it is ready for the next use.

Less waste

Reduce food waste and plastic waste. Keep your food fresh for longer by storing it in ORGANIC WRAP while also ditching regular plastic wrap and other single-use plastics that you would normally use.


As all products are 100% natural, they are also biodegradable. Once you feel that there is no more beeswax coating left on the cotton, you can add them to your compost pile or use as a fire starter.


Each and every beeswax food wrap and bag is handmade in our little workshop in Liepāja, Latvia. We pay high attention to detail when making our products and love to give an individual touch to every order.



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